About Liz Coward

Liz was born in Hounslow in 1965 and has spent most of her life in Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex U.K.

After completing her early education at a local Catholic primary and secondary school, Liz read History and Classical Studies at St Mary’s College, Strawberry Hill, (University of Surrey), from where she graduated in 1987.

Liz shares Alison Lapper’s views on challenging perceptions of disability. November 2012 Shoreham-by-Sea UK

After attempting to become a personnel manager with Marks and Spencer, Liz decided to follow her older sister into law. Liz qualified as a solicitor in 1994 and practised in Hampshire and London before returning to the south coast. It was whilst at Bennett Griffin Solicitors that Liz received her first writing commission, to contribute to The Publican’s Handbook, a guide to licensing.

In 2001, Liz suffered a bout of acute anxiety and severe depression. During her treatment, Liz committed her thoughts and feelings to paper. Enjoying the liberation of writing, Liz explored both creative and scriptwriting when she returned to work. In 2006, Liz left law and embarked upon an MA in Screenwriting at the prestigious London College of Communication, University of the Arts. She graduated in 2008 and was immediately commissioned to write two short films, Bezzy Mates and The Seal for Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, London.  In 2009, Liz’s short play, Shakespeare’s Sister was performed at Adur Arts Live ‘09; she began writing for local publications such as the Beach News and started an influential blog at lifeon-shorehambeach.com. Liz’s fearless posts tackled a variety of issues and led to community action on several occasions. Indeed, for a brief period Liz became a local activist and was invited to stand as a local councillor, an invitation she declined in favour of her writing career.

Liz at War and Peace Revival July 2018. Kent UK

In 2010, Liz met William Earl and started writing Blood and Bandages. In 2013, she wrote What makes us Human? to widespread acclaim.

In 2017, Blood and Bandages was published resulting in significant public and press interest and several speaking engagements. Its publication coincided with her husband being offered his dream job in Singapore so in December 2017 the family relocated to south-east Asia. Liz regularly returns to the UK for work and family commitments.

Liz is on the committee of the Society of Women’s Writers and Journalists in the UK and volunteers at SAMH in Singapore.

Liz with her son, Tom, and a relaxed giant panda at Singapore zoo

She is a regular contributor to Asia NZ and is currently developing a TV series for  Triality Productions.