Blood & Bandages – reviews

This book is fantastic. I could not put it down. Such an amazing story and I liked the historical account alongside the personal story. The photos in the book brought the story to life. Would recommend to all.’
– Amazon.co.uk customer

‘Rarely do you discover a book that explains wartime facts in an easy to read style without overlooking the human element of the subject.’
–Dave Dennison. Amazon.co.uk customer

(courtesy of William Earl) William Earl and Mary Standen. June 1940. Hastings, UK

‘What a great book, it’s been a little bit of a life changer for me. I have never been able to read an historical account of WW2 before. I now need to know much, much more and get a deeper understand of the experiences that mine and so many others parents went through, having been so deeply moved by the account of William and Mary’s lives. What a great gift, thank you so much Liz Coward.’
– Will Heck, Amazon.co.uk customer

‘A fascinating insight into the role of those men not fighting but playing such an important role, saving lives of both the enemy and their own men. The combination of factual information and Bill’s account of the same incident really helps you understand the events. These personal accounts of war are so precious as they remind us what sacrifices were made to keep us free. This book should be on the school curriculum. Thank you Liz Coward for such a great read.’ 
– Amazon.co.uk customer

(courtesy of William Earl) William Earl and comrades. Harrietsham, Kent UK September 1940

‘A truly remarkable first-hand account of service in the RAMC during WW2 – a story which needed to be told. At 102, William has an incredible memory and must be one of the last survivors of that brave band of men. His story has been skilfully interwoven by Liz Coward. Whether your interest is medical or in the history of that War, you will not be disappointed.’
– Jim Ransom. Amazon.co.uk customer

(courtesy of William Earl) William Earl and Frank Allen with comrades. Tunisia. May 1943

‘What a really wonderful book, I do not pretend to know as much as I should about the War and this booked was written in such a way that for the first time ever (I am 43!) I have a much clearer insight of exactly how people were affected and lives changed due to their amazing bravery fighting for our country. I was totally hooked from page 1 to the last sentence and really did love the story. This book so rightly had to be written as Bill’s tale of his life now at 102 would have gone untold other wise. I loved the facts of the book, but what I noticed most was the warmth and truthfulness of the words from this exceptional man and the story had me wanting to read more. I must admit I don’t get to read books very often, but this story has given me a passion to read again and I truly couldn’t put it down. What a wonderful achievement for the author to have proudly told the story for Bill one that so rightly should be heard. To hear of the tales and facts from someone so close to the front line, but not fighting was just a brilliant side to read about, and I really did love how when reading I followed Bill’s life for all those years in his job and also his personal/ family life. I really do recommend this book and I have done to others.’
– Mandi.s, Amazon.co.uk customer

‘A story rarely told, Liz Coward tackles a first-hand account of war, that of William Earl’s, illustrating the camaraderie, the separation from family, and the losses and horrors of the battlefield. His is the story of the Italian Campaign as experienced by the field paramedics who could not fight back, only strive to save lives. A great read, well researched, which provides an insight into a role which rarely garners attention.’
– Karin Ursula Severin-Caneborg, Amazon.com reader